segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

BACK to black...back to school! Going back here and there!

Hi everybody! WELCOME back! Today was our first day at school after a long and nice period of vacation! Going back to school today, for sure, was also a good moment because it was an opportunity of being together with some old friends...and maybe new ones. Last Saturday was also a "going back moment", but this time it was a moment of going BACK TO BLACK.
A former student of mine, Alexandre, kindly invited me to go to his Tattoo Studio opening ( Going there was a great surprise. First of all because the place is so charming! The kind of charming that for a moment made me going back to the south of France. I'd like to find the words to explain it better, but even if I try, I will not be able to describe such nice feeling. I just felt it. Second, because it was a celebration, not exactly only because of the opening, but also because it was about a person who was accomplishing his dream. I felt so proud of him! The greatest joy for us, teachers, (and I know I can tell you in the name of all other teachers), is being sure that our students are working in something that they really enjoying doing and that could make them genuinely happy! The students of 1ºEM are starting their journey in high school just now. The ones in 2ºEM are in the middle of the way  and if you're in the 3ºEM, you're almost there. For all of you (in one way or another) it's a time to think about vestibular, career and your profession. I don't know if I'll be able to help all of you during this year but two things I know for sure: 1st) I'll do my best in order to help all of you and 2nd) it doesn't matter what decision you take, as long as you can follow Alexandre's example. He finished high school some years ago and got his History degree at university. While he was studying there, he researched about tattoo history and today he has his own business: a very charming Tattoo Studio. It's funny (and tragic) how some students still got a misconception that people will only feel proud of them if they go to a law, engineering or medicine school. And the worst part is that some of them even go to these universities not because it's their option, but because they do believe it will make others felling happy or proud of them. And what about you and your wishes, your dreams? We must change some paradigms and understand, once for all, that nothing is more important than finding pleasure in our work. It is our responsibility and it can make all the difference in our life. Got it?!
But just by curiosity, if you could (because we know there are some implications - state law (lei estadual) 9828/97) have your body tattooed, what tattoo would you like to get? Why?

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