quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

The start of a New Year

Another New Year has started and with it lots of promises, but the most important one is the possibility of change what not pleased us or to keep (and even improve) what make us happy! It's a time to set new goals (or renew some old ones) and indulges this idea of a "fresh start" that is
given to us once more. To celebrate that, I'd like to share a poem (written by David Boyce on 30 December 2006) that could express what I really think about this period. I do hope that this opportunity can bring people together, not only to the celebration, but also to all the days of 2015.

The Start of a New Year

The start of a New Year
Sees the beginning of change
You can start a fresh life
Or just even rearrange

The start of a New Year
To change so much to your life
You can make promises to yourself
Or vows to your husband or wife

The start of a New Year
Can block out things of old
Search forward in the year ahead
For the Pot of Gold

The start of a New Year
Can revitalise your soul
Think what you want out of life
To meet your special goals.

Post Question: 
-  What are your special goals for 2015?