quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2012

Charles Dickens - bicentenary of his birthday

Celebrating 200 years of Charles Dickens
(7 Februarry 1812  -  9 June 1870)

Can a simple man describe a society so perfectly that his work not only portrays a whole nation, but also keeps influencing it throughout the years until now? The answer is YES. And this man has a name: Charles Dickens, one of the greatest British novelists. People all around the world are celebrating his bicentenary, including the royal family. Some of his lovely characters and his stories became so peculiar and intense that sometimes we feel we could meet them around any London corner. Who hasn't heard about Mr. Scrooge? Who hasn't feel like going to The Old Curiosity Shop, meeting David Copperfield or adopting Oliver Twist? From now on, through all this year and around the world, Dickens will be honoured in countless events and ceremonies. To know a little bit  more about the bicentenary celebration, check the site  http://www.dickens2012.org/about-dickens-2012.
And what about you, what have you read from Dickens? What's your favorite Dickens' work? How about celebrating his birth centenary?

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