terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014

Let's learn how to make delicious (and beautiful) cupcakes?

Cupcakes are a cultural icon and my students know how much I love them. Every time I find a place that also shares this “cupcake passion”, I like to comment about it.
So, this post is to inform you about this charming site that offers courses about how to make cakes and cupcakes. It could be like any other place, but it is not. There is some points that I loved about their courses. The course for the Christmas cupcakes will be held in September, October and December, which give us plenty of time to be prepared for the most festive period of the year.
On the course about Naked Cake, you will be able to set you own cake and guess what? You can take it home with you and impress friends and family. It is a good reason to throw a family party! This course will be held once a month, from August to December.
Keep on talking about Christmas, there is a third option, the Panettone Decoration course, held on October and November. It will be a great opportunity to learn the basics of fondant, besides the design and the 3D modeling. You will decorate three models of mini panettone and take them home to enjoy them later! Maybe it is not enough for a party but it will be nice enough to have an afternoon tea with you a good company and your cooking creation! It is cooking with new perspectives! I myself want to participate at least in one of them; in fact, I’d like to attend all the courses. Maybe we can meet there! See you.
Post Question: What's your favorite cupcake? Do you know how to make a delicious cupcake? Would you like to learn it? If you don't have time to bake your cupcakes, where do you usually eat/buy them?
Tip: If you would like to learn the art of baking cupcakes, don't miss this opportunity! Check the courses and the dates on the website "the cake is on the table". They have already programmed the dates of their courses untill the end of this year. Enjoy it!

segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Translation is a "Problemation"!


      Language is the very important instrument we use to communicate to each other. Gestures, facial expressions and other factors also influence the way we communicate. However if you are in a situation where only language can be used, it must be the most accurate possible, or there will be the risk that a miscommunication will lead to troubles which could have been avoided.                  '
      A good example of that can be found at the departure area of Brasília, International Airport. The signposts confuse foreigners with poorly prepared translations.
The traveler who does not understand Portuguese at all and want to find the gates B, C, D, E, F and G wing domestic shipment may get confused. The signage indicates: "The gates A and H", (OK...where are the gates B to G?) It should be written: "The gates A to H", according to its translation in Portuguese.
      July is a period of vacation and not only many people from Brazil get the opportunity to visit and know the country capital but also many foreigners come to visit us. In this case, such mistake can be considered even a lack of respect to these people. Tourist must be the most welcomed possible because it is exactly that we do when we receive visitors in our home. And our country is our home. Let’s hope some good souls can be there to help the tourist when they approached them to ask for information…because unfortunately, they will!

Post Question: Have you ever been misled due to a misunderstanding? When and where were you? Have you ever helped some foreigners to get around the city? Where were they from? Where would they like to go?
Tip: If you don't want to be misunderstood, get some minutes and take a look at these 100 words most commonly misspelled, just click here and do the right thing.