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Valentine's Day - Love, doubts and Shakespeare!

Foto by Douglas R. da SIlva  (Costa Rican Shop on Valentine's Day)
Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt the sun doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar
but never doubt thy love.
-- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II.
 That's it...we can doubt of many things, but there is one we will never doubt for sure: on February is in the air! Valentine's Day has been celebrating for many years and people around the world are going to take some minutes of their day to buy some flowers and/or chocolate for someone dearly loved. Of course it's always good to receive some presents, but what really makes it special is exactly the time out of the daily routine spent by someone to do something for us. And in a society where time is being more valuable than money, let's say that spending a little part of your day doing that, could be considered a present itself. So, as we spend a lot of time working (out of home and at home), we've decided to spend tonight (quality time) watching the most romantic movies together, which should be a very nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Movies where love is the main reason of our existence, at the end everybody is happy and the good guy gets together with the beautiful girl! Although we have already set that, (no need to buy anything), I'll get some know...just in case!
But choosing the movies was a hard task that it's not totally accomplished yet. The Beauty and The Beast cartoon is one of my favorite options, but there are also Audrey Hepburn's movies - Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday (translated to Portuguese as A princesa e o plebeu) - which are so lovely! It also could be a musical: Moulin Rouge or a more recent one: My life in Ruins. Anyway, whatever you've decided to do (buying something, spending some time together or even both), the most important thing is sharing your joy for being celebrating this day with someone you really love. And if you don't have a girl/boyfriend right now, don't worry. Do as many people do, celebrating it with a dearly friend (maybe, in the future,who knows?) or with someone in your family who you love deeply and who would be very glad (or even surprised) for being remembered by you today! Just take care to not cause a heart attack in your grandparents! Sometimes it's difficult to handle too much emotion!
So, how do you intend to celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have any movie suggestion to add to the most romantic movie list?

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