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Signs From Around the World! - # 04 - Being specific!

           I've already written about this book Signspotting (I and II), a very funny and interesting book. I can't help laughing everytime I read it. And although there are many funny mistakes, the reason why I like it so much is because I can learn English in a very amusing way. And make no mistake - learning is a very funny process, so if you are not having fun...probably you are not learning either!  Take a look at this sign  from India, for example. They decided to be very...very specific (what made it funny), but the question is: Do you know all the verbs listed below? Have you heard them anywhere? They are using so many synonyms to try to make the message so clear that they almost did the opposite and sometimes we do the same! We want so badly to be understood that we exaggerate a little and it can jeopardise all the message. Instead of paying attention to the message itself, the reader will get his/her focus on the exaggeration. So...less is more! Speaking or writing, try to use the necessary words to show your idea in a very clear way. On the other hand, if you don't do that, you will do exactly as our friends below - although animals thank them a lot!
"More Absurd & Amusing Signs From Around the World - Signspotting II". Compiled by Doug Lansky and edited by Lonely Planetar
For your homework: 
- list the verbs that you didn't know before reading the post.
- look them up in a very good dictionary.
- write one sentence for each one of the verbs listed.

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