domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

The Future of E-books

Have you read a book in one of these gadgets: Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPhones, and others?
I had the chance of reading "Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and I can tell you that it was an amazing experience! The book was so interactive, with so many options and animations that it doesn't only catch my attention completely but also made me feel even more and more curious to see what I could find in the next page. And I had already read this book before that. Although I knew the story, it didn't interfere in my surprise of reading in this new way. I was told that not all the books are like this one, with such complements, but there are a lot of good titles that can be found in this format. I confess that I'm very anxious to read "ALice in Wonder Land" or "The treasure Island" in this format. It's technology, again, bringing improvement to our leisure activity.
And I think e-books and all these gadgets can contribute to the learning process as well. Check the video in this link.
But I also admit that I do love reading paper books and I don't think the e-books will replace them. It's perfectly possible to have fun in both ways and I believe that it is the reason why there will be no replacement of each other.

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