segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Being even more grateful, 06 years later!

Life is really wonderful! 06 years ago I went to Holland and felt so happy for being in such beautiful place. I visited many cities, including Amsterdan. My husband went with me and it was the kind of a trip that when we finished it, we asked ourselves if it was real! Really unforgettable! 06 years later here I am again. I got this incredible opportunity of attending the Robotics competition in Delft city as a team member of my school team! How lovely! How nice this place is! A very charming downtown. The very same charming atmosphere that reminded me the first time I came here! Good memories! So many beautiful people...and I mean beautiful in all the ways...everybody is so polite and helpful. No words to thank for all that. Before the competition, we are going to have some free time and we intend to visit other cities, go to Amsterdan and spend some time in Belgium. It's just begining!

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Isabelle disse...

Kátia! Eu estava vendo o filme 'Girl with a pearl earring' e lembrei da viagem de vocês, pois se passa em Delft, só que em 1665, haha. :D