quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Sorrowful for Realengo - RJ

A gunman entered an elementary school in Realengo (Rio de Janeiro) today (Thursday, April 7th) and opened fire, killing 11 students and wounding 13 others before turning his guns on himself. Unfortunately the gunman was a 23-year-old former student of the school. And this is really intriguing...when I look back and think about the schools where I studied, I feel very proud and so respectful for all that they really meant (and mean) in my life. In my opinion, as "churches" and "cemeteries" are considered sacred places, so should be the schools. Sorrowful...feeling very sorrowful for all that, for him - What did he have in his mind to do it? Did he was a bullying victim? (Of course, even if he was, that's no reason at all to justify what happened. Nothing can justify it). Much more sorrowful for all the families who lose their children. Our prayers will be theirs.
Our president Dilma Rousseff manifested herself about this tragedy. “Today, we lament what happened with the defenseless children in Realengo. This type of crime is not characteristic of our country. All of us here, men and women, are united to repudiate this type of violence.” she said.
She is right, this is not common in our country. The last time we saw it was in 1999 when a former Medicine student entered in a cinema in SP and opened fire, killing 3 people. This is not our characteristic at all because we've been a very warmful and joyful people.
Now, besides mourning and lamenting what happening, we should really work on how we can eliminate violence (physical and psicological) in our schools, making it what it was meant to be, a very useful, delightful and safe place.

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