quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

And God save the Queen!

In 1953, a 25-year-old princess stood within the towering walls of London’s Westminster Abbey and pledged her devotion as the “defender of the commonwealth.” Although much younger than her father had been at the time of his coronation, Elizabeth had already proven her dedication to her people through public service during World War II. For more than 50 years, the queen has exhibited the same determination, and demonstrated her loyalty to her subjects. Today, British's Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating her 85th birthday, took part in the traditional Royal Maundy service at Westminster Abbey in London. According to Buckingham Palace, it was the first time the queen's birthday had fallen on Maundy Thursday (the day marking Jesus's Last Super),on which the queen traditionally gives special coins to as many men as many women as the years of her life.(We can see a similar example watching Kevin Costner's Robin Hood). This year, each Maundy money recipient was all retired pensioners invited in recognition of their service to the church and the community.
Happy Birthday to the Queen and Long Live the Queen!

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