terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

And the music won...once more!

Carnival is at the end...the Samba School Parade at SP and Rio´s Sambodrome (by the way,something everybody has to experience at least once in a lifetime) is over. Vai-Vai is the winner of the Carnival of SP with a tribute to the world famous conductor João Carlos Martins. His story of overcoming is an example to be followed by all. A clear demonstration that when the will reigns, there are no obstacles preventing us from achieving our goals. There is no limit to what human beings can accomplish. The tribute was well deserved and the victory just makes it even more special. Congratulations to everyone who brought this story to light and made a great show. And if you think that classical music and samba is a strange mixture, take a look at this video:
So, let's enjoy the end of Carnival and get ready for our tests! Let's write our own successful history as the "maestro" has done so far!What an inspiration!

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