sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Blueberry Muffins!

Classes at... 2°E were really funny last week! They did their work based on the text about antioxidants but when they tried to translate the names of some sources of antioxidants...it was at least interesting! Blueberry...what's that? Do we have this fruit here, in Brazil? The answer is YES! Our blueberry is called "mirtilo" and Rio Grande do Sul has already been producing them but not enough for all our country.
It's relatively new for us but it's very popular in North America and in Europe, cold regions! The sweet flavour mixes very well in many desserts. Blueberry muffins are a must!We can have some delicious blueberry muffins at Starbucks, but if you want to bake them...take a look at the recipe above. My niece Nicole and I have already made this recipe and besides being very easy to make, it is really very good with a warm cup of a good tea (mainly if you have some blueberry tea from Celestial Seasonings). By the way, If you decided to bake them, don't forget to take one of the muffins to me at school...I'd love to try it! Enjoy that!

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Saribera disse...

Hi Kátia, very nice this recive. When will you do Blueberry Muffins to our teacher's room?

Elaine disse...

Eu também quero um!

Kátia disse...

Olá Sérgio! Oi Elaine!

Pedido anotado!
I'll bring some Blueberry Muffins...or...we can have some at Starbucks!

Thanks for writing!