quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

Everybody is IRISH today!

Today is a very special day in Ireland! It's St. Patrick's Day!
And as the years go by, the celebration has become more and more popular in many other places...including Brazil! There are a lot of PUBs in SP and in ABC which have been crowded during this whole week. Although it's a religious day, I would say that around here it becomes just another day with a very good excuse for people to go out and drink with their friends. (As if we need an excuse!).
But getting together with our friends is a very good idea and there is another interesting point: besides drinking you can eat a very good and special meal! Many pubs offer you a chance of trying tipycal food from Ireland! The Irish Pie at Liverpool (SBC) is amazing! And it's impossible to eat just one of the baked "pastéis" at All Black (SP). The list is big! Sharing cultures with other countries and having the chance of feeling a little taste of each one is something that enriches, entertains and brings something new and special to our day by day. It's an opportunity to learn and have fun!
And if you decide to try something Irish by yourself, go to this link (click on download word, on the left) and get the recipe of a cake made with Guinness! (The recipe is from Nigella and it's in English and in Portuguese!)
Enjoy yourself and have a very HAPPY St. Paddy's Day! May all the Irish luck be with you!

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