segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

No doubt...reading is really cool! At least, in Morro Reuter-RS!

Do you enjoy reading? If we ask this question to a person who lives in Morro Reuter (RS) the answer would probably be a stoundous YES!
In this German descent small and fragrant city, with 5000 inhabitants and filled with beds of lavender on the sidewalks, the fact of enjoying books is not something new!The city is in the second position in the Brazilian ranking of literacy, according to IBGE. In the municipal library, the are about 15,000 books, which gives us an amazing statistic - for the population it serves, there are three books per capita (if the city of Sao Paulo had similar rate, there would be at least 36 millions of copies in the "paulistanas" public libraries). In October, the city promotes the Book Fair, which has become a big event in town! (Let's go to visit it?)
The city symbol is a literary obelisk represented by a pile of 72 books (11 meters height).
I guess we should follow this example! And by the way, do you know how many books are there in the school library?

2º EM - Remember - Send your paper work about reading up to September,10th. Thanks!

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