domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010


Hi people!
Our tests are coming and we do need to study. In fact, we need to study, not only because of the tests, but also to really have an idea of what we really learn and what we should put a little bit more effort to learn. So, if we do it in our day by day, now that we are going to face the tests, we don't need exactly to study hard...I would say that it will be just a kind of a review.
Studying can be a very rewarding experience, it only depends exclusively of you!

And by the way, as I promise, here is the link to the answers of the exercises from booklet 06 (2º EM). Check your answers and if you have any doubt, just let me know!

Have a good week and a nice test!

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Patrick disse...

Hi teacher Katia. I'm in 8D in Colégio Eduardo Gomes, my name is Patrick Beividas (agora sou seguidor de seu blog, já estou me antecipando!)

Kátia Veloso disse...

Olá Patrick!

Seus comentários e suas sugestões serão sempre WELCOME também!
Obrigada e parabéns - aqueles que se antecipam já estão preparados para o que vier!

See you!