segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2014

Hamlet Facing Death

          Sometimes life can be so generous and offer us some singular moments and of a unique beauty that you know they will be forever part of whom you are! Last night was one of those moments! What a nice night! The GRVPO TEMPO, a theater group, presented us with the play "Hamlet face à morte" (Hamlet facing death). I can't say anything about the story because I love it (I'm an English teacher who is absolutely anglophile, I can't help being it! It's Shakespeare, for God's sake!).
           But I can say that the costumes, the lighting, the scenery and the stage presence of the actors were so well connected, so well linked that all the factors involved in the presentation could complement one another and the overall result really fulfilled not only the physical space of the theater but also our minds and our hearts.
           If I had to pick up just one word to define it (which is a very hard job) I would dare to say "touching". I knew the story but I really feel moved by the way the group presented it. The introduction led us to reflect on the brevity of life compared with the here and now. As wisely stated, the awareness of death interferes with the quality of our actions and from time to time it is salutary to be reminded that nothing is forever. Consciously we know that, but we act as if this was not part of our reality.
We see and feel ourselves "invincible", but the finitude of life (as we conceive it here) is a fact that is independent of how we see and how we feel.
Thanks GRUPO TEMPO for reminding us about that with such kindness, poetry and refinement!
Besides all that, no words to describe how proud I was to see two former students (Roger Campanhari and Giuliano Bonesso)from our school doing what they do best: enchant us with their talent.
"If now is not then!
If then, it will not be now!"

For now that is. Go, see the play and indulge yourself to a moment of pleasure!


Post Question: For the students who saw the play, answer these questions:
- What's your opinion about the play? What did you like most about it? Why? What you didn't enjoy at all? Why?

Tip: To get more information about GRVPO TEMPO, visit their website, just click here.

2 comentários:

Maíra disse...

Such ab honor for me to have had you not only as a language teacher, but as a life guide as well.
I remember always when you taught as a lesson about passages, and death, and I had just recently lost my dear grandfather - you taught me about the cypress tree and presented me with a small piece of cotton with cypress scent that I kept for many years.
I am very grateful for all you have so sincerely shared with us.

Anônimo disse...

Isabella Pitol nº13 1ºD

A peça foi sensacional! Eu adorei o modo como eles falam da morte, diretamente, pois é a única certeza que a gente tem na vida. A peça também mostra que ou você é, ou não é, e nessa vida não tem um meio termo. Eu gostei de tudo, dos figurinos, do jeito que o cenário foi exposto no palco, tudo mesmo.