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SCRAPCARD - English work 3°E

How to make a scrapcard:

- choose your partners (group of 4 people)
- each member of the group must bring one photo of his/her childhood
- bring a card (half size of the common card, as the one used in your History work).
- choose one theme for your scrapcard (such as Autumn, friendship, celebration, etc)
- separate pictures, stickers, images from magazines and any other material the group think it's necessary to be used in the scrapcard to make it exactly according to the chosen theme.
- Choose the 5 sentences to be included in your scrap card. The sentences must be chosen from the Madonna's song "This Used To Be My Playground", the one we listened in our class and one sentence must be written using the verb "wish", expressing the desire of the group or of just the desire of one member of the group. You also can add sentences of your own.
- decide in which place all the components of your card must be displayed, organize the photos and all the material to be used in it (including the sentences).
- do the gluing  and writing work. Use all your creativity! Enjoy it!
- remember to write the group's name, number and class in your card
Have a nice job! And any doubt, just contact me by e-mail or during our class.

Post Question: Why do you think this is our 3rd quarter (3º trimestre) English work?

Tip: Some of our class Scrapcards will be posted here, in the blog.

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