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Entrepreneurship and The Girl from Silicon Valley

The students of the financial education course from EducaFin, some teachers and the principal of Colégio Eduardo Gomes attended the Bel Pesce's speech "How Entrepreneurship Can Change Your Life".  Her testimony and her career is a great example that when we really want, we can!
Among many examples and situations narrated by her, I'd like to highlight two important points for both: your financial life and your student life.

1º) The question of error. Bel Pesce is a successful entrepreneur nowadays, but as she said, there is still a lot to learn and to do. She managed to be admitted at MIT, she studied Engineering, Business and Economics there, she worked at Microsoft and Google and she owns a company in Silicon Valley.
But to get to where she has been now, it has taken a lot of willpower, commitment and above of all, a great desire of learning from the mistakes made. Unfortunately the error is still seen as a mortal sin. This attitude brings such a heavy burden for the person who committed it that there are some people who are not even able to recover themselves. Others can not learn from their own mistakes and because of it, they can not move on. Mistakes are just a learning opportunity, an important lesson to be assimilated, an obstacle to be overcome, an obstacle that will no longer be a hindrance when you come to face it again. The error shows what should be improved by giving you the opportunity to correct it and do better next time.
Financially intelligent people know that the problem is not losing your money when you invest it, but it will be a big trouble if you don't know how to come back to the game and recover your money. Robert Kyosaki said "Don't be addicted to money. Want to Learn. Don't work for money Work for knowledge. Kids leave school addicted to money. Shouldn't they be addicted to learning?"

2º) Think creatively. Be an entrepreneur. How? Start being a good observer. First identify a need and then think about why it is a necessity and how this need could be remedied. Create a product or service to meet that demand. Make any necessary adjustments to an increasingly wide acceptance. Dare and stay tune to opportunities. According to Robert Kyosaki "When preparation meets opportunity, the result is success." So, be prepared! Bel Pesce was and you should be too! She got the opportunity when she met her partner and both founded "Lemon". Study and think out of the box. Do your lessons but go beyond it, do more! Bel Pesce started her speech saying that she likes to study and called herself a nerd. And she is proud of it and again, you should be too! So, it's easy to understand the reason why she got where she is now and for sure, much more is yet to come!
Remember: Don't be afraid of making mistakes, think creatively and move yourself!

Post Question: What are you most afraid of? Being totally sincere, are you addicted to get good marks or are you addicted to learning? What's your favorite subject? Why? Are you creative?

Tip: If you want to read Bel Pesce's book, you can get it in the school library (just ask Rosa or Rita) or you can download it here. Enjoy it! 

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