segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012


      Finally our vacation period is just starting... 30 days to rest, enjoy, do nothing (or everything), spend some great and quality time with family and friends and keep mind in all the subjects that are very interesting to us! Beach or countryside? Reading or going out? Spending money or saving for later? Studying or forgetting? Whatever you have decided, keep in mind that planning your vacation will help you to get the most of this period so awaited. Some people are going to travel; others are going to be around here, going to the cinema or visiting some exposition. No matter what you are going to do, since you have a lot of fun in doing it. Vacation is a period for having good moments which will become very good memories. And to be sure you are going to remember the details, all forms of registering it is indicated. Take many photos, write a special vacation diary (there are some useful notebooks which were made especially for you write down about your trip. They even bring some good tips for your traveling plan), write a blog about it or start a postcard collection. Again, whatever you do, remember:
- don't forget to register it;
- it will help you (especially some time later), to remember your nice experience.  
        Some teachers (Armando and Patrícia) and I will attend the 64th SBPC in São Luís do Maranhão. I'll write more about it later. And, if by any chance, you decide to study a little bit and some doubts come up, don't worry! You can contact me by e-mail or a message in the blog. So, have fun and see you on August!

Post Question: What's your favorite vacation activity? What do you intend to do during this month?

Tip: Visit Campos do Jordão and attend one of the most important, famous and elegant  winter festival we have in Brazil. 

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