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Computer X Vacation

     Do you shut down your computer when you go on vacation or you are the ones who believe that computers don't go on vacation?
      Some people go to travel and they can freak out if there isn't a Wi-Fi available at the hotel or if the service is available but it doesn't work very well. 
      In fact, it is one of the decisive factors to choose a hotel for them. Going on vacation without your cell phone is absolutely unthinkable! (how could people go on vacation later...it is a mystery!)  And I know your mother maybe is keep saying to you to turn down your computer and go out to have some sun. And don't get me wrong...I totally agree to her. But just for a while, read this excerpt of the article that was published in The New York Times in 1982 (yes, in 1982...this topic is as old as computer invention).

"WHAT did you do on your summer vacation? It's the sort of question most of us still ask each other despite its banality in the hope that we will receive an interesting reply. It rarely happens.
On the other hand, there are summers like that of David Bolocan and Raymond King, both 18 years old. They were graduated from high school in June - Mr. King from the Bronx High School of Science, Mr. Bolocan from Hunter College High School - and it would not have been amiss (inappropriate) for them to swim, loaf, take trips and prepare lazily for college, Mr. Bolocan for Harvard and Mr. King for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
What they did instead was create, promote and operate computer training courses, earning $6,000 in about six weeks. As for the money, Mr. Bolocan said, ''Some of it we'll use for school, but the rest we'll put back into the business.''
Their summer plans developed in late May and early June, according to Mr. King. ''We began thinking about what we wanted to do when we left school,'' he said. ''We had taken computer courses, and we knew enough about them to know that we could develop something.'' Both young men had Apple II computers, a total of four between them, in their homes."

So, you can read the complete article here and tell the story to your mother...perhaps it will not convince her, but it's a starting point, isn't it?

Post Question: What have you done so far in your vacation? Could you be able of spending your vacation without being connected to your computer or internet? How would you feel if you have travelled to a place where there wasn't a remote possibility to access internet?

Tip: Remember to take all the necessary components to keep your computer working. The battery can not last for all your vacation... if you will take it on vacation too!!!

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