segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Project: 365-day Vacation

     Our vacation is coming to an end... and I do hope you have had a great time. If your "great time" was really so "great", maybe the thought on the left is exactly for you! After being in a let's-to-do-all-in-three-day trip in Brasília, after working in the winter festival in Campos do Jordão and after being in a one-week congress in São Luís, in Maranhão...I think this thought could be perfectly mine! I do need a vacation from my vacation! But as this option is totally off the table, I'll try to do the better I can to recover myself. A good night of sleeping, a massage and some time with my family will do the trick!
But there is something that will really make a difference this year. I got a very nice tip and I'll pass it on to you. Would you like to be on a 365-day vacation? I know this sounds good, although you could get a little bit bored, but...
So, if you think it's a good idea, you could do it! And please, again, don't get me wrong...I'm not telling you to be absent from school...not at all. It just means that during the period that you are not on vacation, you could do something you would do if you were on vacation, even if you do it for just some minutes. You could walk barefoot, drink some typical beverage, listen to some local music from where you have been (on vacation), eat special food (try to cook something), dance a different rhythm (even if you do it fact I think that's better) or do some activity that brings you joy. Doing it, no matter that it will be for just some minutes, it will be the "vacation" from your day. You will have a feeling that the vacation period may have come to an end, but it will be with you every day...just waiting to be all day again!

Post Question: What did you really enjoy doing this vacation? Do you think you could do it again, even not being on vacation anymore? Could you adapt it to be done again while you are studying at school? What do you think you could do during your day to feel that vacation is still around here?

Tip: Talk to your friends or family about it. You will be surprised with some curious and creative suggestions they will give you!

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