domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Sensitivity, photos and a different way of seeing what's there! Part II

Photo taken by Kátia Veloso
To know a little bit more about Mr. Robert Doisneau, click here and take a look at his beautiful and inspiring work.
As I said before, I really enjoyed myself taking some pictures of people in the street everywhere, anytime.
For this post, there will no question to be answered, but a very simple work to be done.
Photo taken by Kátia Veloso
First of all you will need to take a photo of a day by day situation. If you feel a little bit ashamed or uncomfortable about taking photo of strangers on the street,( that's ok - believe me, I totally can understand you!), you can choose a picture that has already been taken (without you on it). Although I think if you do it you are going to miss all the fun of taking picture like the French photographer Robert  After that, you will write a short paragraph ( a short one, really) about your photo. You can:
Photo taken by Katia Veloso
- describe the picture
- write about people on it
- write about the situation
- make up a little story
Use your creativity and above all, enjoy doing your work! I'm curious to see how you "see" the ordinary day by day! Have fun!
Ah, and don't forget to take some few minutes more to watch this video that presents some of the great pictures taken by this genius of photography listening the classic French song "La vie en Rose!" - It's so French - it's only missing the croissant and a red wine glass! Au revoir!

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