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Sensitivity, photos and a different way of seeing what's there! - Part I

          Paris is well known as the most romantic city in the world! For sure, a great contribution for it was the lenses of this talented French photographer Robert Doisneau. Much more than just simply take pictures of day by day situations and common people, Doisneau declare his love for the city and shows, in some classic pictures, how lovely and perfect the city is for lovers! An image that is accepted until today all around the world!
Besides taking photos of the streets and cafes in Paris, he also became a pioneer of photojournalism, registering valuable moments before and after the II World War. The famous fashion magazine VOGUE hired him as a fashion photographer but he didn't get used to it. Instead of taking photos of beautiful women dressed in very elegant clothes in an exquisite place, he enjoyed most  taking photos of people in the street. "The marvels of daily life are so exciting, no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street" he said. I couldn't agree more. I do enjoy his work for two reasons:
- the photos are very traditional, black and white and clean
- they show situations and people of a common day, a day that could  be mine or yours.
Looking at his work we feel like being there and I will admit...I also feel a little bit envious because I would like to have taken this or that photo of his. But that's a kind of positive feeling because it made me go for a walk with my camera and try, in a very modest way, to do exactly what he did...see the beauty that is always near us, but sometimes, for a lot of different reasons, we simply can't see it or just take it for granted.
Since I first saw his work (a long time ago, in my Art classes in High School), I've taking my camera with me wherever I go, even to my work.
I wish I could take photos every time I feel like doing it, but I can't and due to it some very good moments became nice pictures only in my memory.
You (my EG student) must be asking to yourself: Ok, I've read the post and what should I do now, since there is no question in the end of it? I tell you: go to read the next post "Sensitivity, photos and a different way of seeing what's there!" - Part II and you will know exactly what you should do! Have a nice work!


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