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Easter...and a little bit of History!

Colaboração da Profª Bykovas
Easter is one of the very special holidays we have through the year. All around the world people celebrate it in their particular way. Although each holiday has its specific celebrations, all of them have a very nice point in common: they all give us a moment out of our routine (or at least we should get out of it), which is a good opportunity:
- to spend some quality time with people we love (get together to have a special meal -  Easter Sunday lunch)
- to enjoy some of our favorite food (some of them very typical of each celebration - Chocolate Eggs)
- to participate in some different activities ( very different from our day by day - Beat and/or Burn Judas on Hallelujah Saturday)
- or simply to rest a lot and enjoy some very good time with yourself in your home (if you are not a teacher...if you are, probably you can't rest a lot, just a little, due to all the things to be corrected)
Anyway, we can celebrate doing whatever we think it's right and enjoyable for us, but one thing I believe we need to take into consideration - the reason why we and so many people celebrate it. To help us in this task, we can count on History. It really doesn't matter if you celebrate it the way "books" says it must be done or if you invented new traditions and gave what we call an "upgrade" in your celebration. You can do it, after all, traditions started somehow with someone doing something over and over, didn't they? And the great majority of the histories about how traditions started are very beautiful and inspiring. You don't need to follow it, but you must know it. So, I'd like to suggest a link where you could learn a little bit more about this lovely holiday. (click here) It's interesting to know this holiday is so old that its origin is unknown. And do you know how Easter and Mardi Gras (the kind of American Carnival) are related?
As always, everything is connected. And what about you:
- How are you going to celebrate Easter? Do you celebrate it?
- What was the most interesting information you got from the History.com link? (For 2ºEM, choose one of the sentences in the article in the Present Perfect tense and explain why it is written in the Present Perfect according to the rules we have studied in our classes).
I also would like to wish all you a very blessed Easter, full of joy and peace. Have a nice Easter Sunday!

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Elaine disse...

Very nice, Kátia! Happy Easter for you and your family!

Kátia Veloso disse...

Thank you Elaine! HAve a very nice and blessed easter too, together with your family, Wanderlei and Jade!