sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

National Cupcake Day

What a sweet day! It was the American National Cupcake Day yesterday! Check it and many interesting food celebrations on: !
Although I enjoy celebrating it during all the year, yesterday and today I decided to give an extra enfase on the celebration by trying new flavors and sharing with you my favorite places to have a delicious cupcake. So, here you are:
- THE CAKE  Rua das Figueiras, 786, Santo André / Telefone: (11) 2669-3100 - The shop is absolutely beautiful! The most difficult part is to choose the flavor because all of them are amazing! I do like the Champagne and apricot cupcake! Just great!
- MUNIK chocolates  Rua das Figueiras, 1989, Sto. André / Telefone: (11) 4421-6620 - Chocolate Cupcakes which are so nicely decorated!
LOVECUPCAKES by Maiara Telefone: (11) 8183-1825 - The passion fruit cupcake is a must! And it's so lovely the way she pack them! People at school really like them! Take a look at the photo!
Frosted Robin Cupcakes in the Seaport Village, a very charmng place in San Diego, California. Besides the absolutely goreous cupcakes, there are so many good teas that it's hard to choose one!
So, enjoy the Cupcake Day in a delicious way...places and reasons to do it we have! By the way, what's your favorite cupcake flavor?

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