sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011

Teacher's Day - questions and answers

I couldn't start this without saying a huge "THANK YOU" for all the the notes and messages I got from my students = the ones who are studying with me now and the ones who aren't, and I know some people would call them ex-students...but I do prefer, when I need to refer to them, just students. Once a student (at least mine), always a student, it doesn't matter if it's now, 10 years ago, or even the ones who will be one day, the ones that I have the opportunity to meet at the school and say: "Teacher, I'll have classes with you next year". In fact, I hope so, who knows? But one thing I know for sure, it's just (and exactly) because it that we can keep doing what we have done so far. It's because we have the great chance of knowing that our work, somehow (and believe, sometimes even we can't understand how) has touched somebody's life, in a positive way, that we keep going on. Sometimes we have the satisfaction of meeting some of our students and if we also have the chance to talk to them we can notice how they have improved  their lives, all the good things they have accomplished (studying, working, learning, sharing, etc.) and feeling proud is absolutely inevitable. Thanks God I have felt this many and many times! In one of them I was in a pub and then I heard somebody saying "teacher" and when I turned around it was two students who were there and called me to join to them.
It was such a nice surprise! They were talking and sunddenly I realized that I  had also been a teacher of the oldest brother of hers. Actually it has happened quite often lately, what made me think...maybe I have been done that for a long time! And then another student arrived and I felt so happy (and so proud) for being in the company of such articulated girls, that I really thought how lucky I was for being there (that moment) and for doing what I do.
Life has been so generous with me this year because it has given me so many unexpected and grateful meetings like this one.And I've already written about some of them in this blog. You know...I don't believe in coincidence, so it's funny and intriguing how it happens exactly in the moment that I'm questioning myself about what I've done. So, I like to think that it may be just "life" trying to tell me some answers. Actually it's much more than just answers...it's the inspirational and motivational reason...it's the reason why I'm still teaching. Thank you very much for "bringing" the answers when I most needed them! 

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