segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And no offense to our Saci!

It's Halloween again! (Tks GOD). For sure it is one of my favorite celebrations!Today I started celebrating it with my students and later with my family. First of all, I believe I should make a point very clear here: celebrate Halloween at school is something that I do with my students under a strict cultural focus. There is no harm or offense done to any kind of religion. It isn't neither an magnification to a foreign country nor a disrespect to our culture. It's just a class to explain about the origin and the traditions of this celebration. Children and teens know about it because they heard about it in their private English school, some movies, tv series and so on. So, why not inform them about it?
I do like our culture and I really believe we must preserve, respect and transmit it...but I can't understand why one thing should cancel the other. I felt so much when I knew that October 31st was officially designated as a Saci Pererê's Day. If they decided to create a celebration to replace the other...I guess they've made a terrible mistake. The competition is unfair! We celebrate Brazilian Folklore in August and it includes Saci! Halloween is so much popular, all around the world! I think it won't work...children love to dress up as ghosts, witches and other characters. In my opinion, our lovely Saci deserves something much better than this! Anyway...our celebration at school was very cool! I also put a spell on the lollipops and everybody (I mean, my students) who is used to tell lies, had their tongues colored in blue! And I couldn't forget to mention my dear friend Valquíria (Biology teacher) who also understands that having some fun once in a while means no harm. Thank you Val!
 And just to end the day in a very good way, the celebration was with all my family(husband, brother, father, mother, nieces, sister-in-law)...and my nieces and I had a lot of Hocus Pocus and candies! And the best of all...respecting Saci and enjoying Halloween!

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