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"Don't judge the book by the cover" - the Zombie Boy

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TODAY we had a very interesting class. We were talking about one of our booklet texts which had the title "Forever Young". We agreed that since the world begins, being forever young has been something desired by human beings. But our discussion was exactly the reason why people would like to live forever: it's just a matter of being physically young, the external appearance or it would be a desire of living longer and healthier? We thought that people are a lot more worried about how they look like than how their mind is being cared. We also saw the official video clip of the group Alphaville's song "Forever Young". In one of its verses they sang: "It's hard to get old without a cause!". I couldn't agree more. Getting old, for many reasons, can really be a hard process, but for sure it would be much harder if we didn't have a cause to fight for or to believe in.
I  got very happy because at the end of the class we watched a video that was made to advertise a cosmetic product and it made a reference of the old saying "Don't judge the book by the cover!". It was related to our text because we could conclude that people are really worried about their appearance because they are judged (and consequently they also judge others) "by the cover" and not for what they really are as a complete human being, which includes their personality, feelings and thoughts. So, the lesson was taught: "we must not prejudge the worth or value of something or someone,  just taking into consideration its outward appearance alone." So, all that I got now is the hope that the students have learned the lesson! Here is the link to the video. Watch it and tell me: How do you judge a book?

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