segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Living and Learning - in San Diego!

I've heard a lot about San Diego, but I really didn't have an idea of how big this city is! Amazing! It's a very beautiful place. Ok, I'm here during the summer time, what brings an extra charming to the city, but it is really a very nice place to be (and to visit).

The Old Town is a very curious do feel like you were in the Old Western! The candy shop is so delicious and you can have a candle made in your hand shape! Cool!
There are so many different and great places to see that I think it wouldn`t be fair just to mention them. I think I must write specific posts of each place, just to try to express how happy and blessed I was for being in this places! Sea Port Village has a wonderful bookshop and great restaurants! The Zoo is so beautiful! And the Sea World makes you feel like animals and humans were born just to be friends and take care of each other! And I couldn`t forget the Point Loma LightHouse, a very inspiring spot...but its inspirations and reflections are stories for another post!

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