segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

I love LUCY!

 How nice when we have the opportunity to remember all the good things that in one way or another have been part of our life! Two days ago, the Jornal do Brasil (a Brazilian newspaper) and Google made me remember the Lucy's program. Although I wasn't born when the show hit the big time, I could see some episodes later and I enjoyed them a lot. So cute! Take a little time and check the site. I'm sure, even if you don't know the program, that you will have some fun!

And it's funny (or odd) this feeling of missing someone that we have never met before. I miss her...I guess that is because I like her! I wouldn't say I'm her big fan, but she is so adorable that it's impossible not liking her?! And there is also her  pinup style that is cult untill today!
She was an icon for a generation and I think they couldn't have chosen a better name for her show: "I love LUCY!" fact, maybe we should call it "WE love LUCY!"

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