sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Children and Technology

First of all, I do want to make it clear...I love technology! I try to keep myself up-to-dated with all the new gadgets and all the technology which is available. I have my tablet and and enjoy doing lots of tasks on it! Being connected was never more the same! But in educational area I think we should discuss about it. Using technology in the school is wonderful, practical, but the point is not if we should use it or not, the point is HOW to use it in a useful and meaningful way! I watched this video and I liked it.

But some points need to be be considered. A 21st century learner has many needs and having some time not-connected is one of them as well. And when they say 76% of their teachers have never used wikis, blog and etc, the question is: why not? And the answer can be many different ones. Some, maybe, simply don't want to use it; others, maybe, don't have the opportunity or the right equipament and others can even get all the necessary hardware, but they need the adequated training to use it properly.
They asked - What kind of education would you want me to have? - We (teachers) want you to have a kind of education that can bring you the balance to have a very healthy, productive and happy life... We want to engage you, but we also must be engaged, on the other hand, it won't work. In fact, everybody must be engaged in the educational process: students, teachers, parents, government! That's the only way to be successful as a nation.

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