segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

Signs from around the World!

Last July, when I was in San Diego, I visited the Gaslamp Quarter and went to a very charming shop which sells all the useful and nice gadgets  for travelers! Among all the great  things I saw there, there was a book that caught my attention: "Absurd & Amusing Signs From Around the World - Signspotting". It was compiled by Doug Lansky and edited by Lonely Planet. I started reading it at the shop and in few minutes I was is really funny! So, I had no doubts, I got one exemplar and kept on having fun for the rest of the week! I had already seen some books like this in Portuguese, but it was the first time I could get one in English!
From now on, I will share some of my favorites signs with you but I truly recommend you to buy the book! I'm sure you will enjoy it! And I'm still thinking about use some of these signs in the school tests...I guess my students will enjoy them!

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