sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Technology - What a wonderful world!

Today our classes (3ºs EM) at Eduardo Gomes School were really nice! I really got very happy because the great majority of the students were focused on the exercises correction and on the theme of our text, the Internet! By the way, this is just the beginning of our discussion about how teens see and use Internet.
We had the chance to watch this video
and it's really amazing. (Ok,I admit, reading e-mails in the bathroom it's too much to me, but I loved the refrigerator!).
Some students even asked if all that was really truth? (I asked this question myself when I saw it for the first time.)But the answer is YES - it's absolutely true! Waldemar (from the school IT department) told me that he had used this interactive table made of glass at Microsof (USA) when he attended a course there. It is real and believe it or not, the future is coming very fast. There is some controversy...some people think it's nice, wonderful...others wouldn't like to live in a place like this one in the video and then we have this question - is all that good or bad? In fact TECHNOLOGY just IS - good or bad depends exclusively on us and how we will use it. It's our responsability.
And you, how have you been using Internet lately? Would you like to live in a house like this one in the video?

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