segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Fill in the blank...

Studying English is really getting easier day by day! There are a lot of tools that can help us to improve our language learning process - web, magazines, newspapers, friends, books, blogs, etc. One of these magazines (Go! English Brazil) has done an interesting article. It asked some people to fill in the this blank - English is _________. Let's check some answers:

"English is necessary." - Sharanya, 19, student from Mumbai, India
"English is THE international language." - Janathan, 31, medical student from Ames, Iowa, USA
"English is chaotic. Iam talking about English pronunciation. There are too many ways to pronounce the same letter It gets really confusing for English leaners and does not help native speakers either when they come across a new word and try to pronounce it." - Ngan, 26, teacher from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
"English is a work in progress. The Oxford English Dictionary has to be added to every year to reflect the constant changes.(...)A lot of the changes have resulted from the computer age and the influence of Microsoft that is universally accessed. "- Dawn, 48, writer from Bath, UK
"English is beautifully versatile." - Erin, 27, teacher from Duluth, Georgia, USA
And what about you? How could you (3ºEM) fill in this blank? Let me know your opinion!

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Cibele disse...

Here is the Cybele and I think English is essential to our lives as well as a new way of talking, the labor market will be wonderful because we can communicate with the outside world in addition to having a great commitment to the labor market because we most prominent

Ana Paula 3B disse...

English is only the world!

Kátia Veloso disse...

Very simple and effective Ana - I would say GREAT! Thanks!

Elaine Cristina Serrano Pirolo disse...

English is a very important language!

Bianca B. da Vinci disse...

a lifestyle. I would say that knowledge is a key to the development, this includes know how to communicate on diferent languages, and if English is THE language that can make a union between a brasilian and an arabian, it must be used, and exercised, after all, finding a commun point between human beings has never been a easy thing, so, let's enjoy this oportunity...Let's talk in English for God of sake!!!