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Christmas in March, thanks to TUCCA!

          Last Tuesday was March 31st, but just in our Gregorian calendar! But at night, I could swear it was Christmas time! My husband and I went to the Sala São Paulo to feel all the joy of this most festive holiday time of the year due to the presentation of The Ninth (and last) Symphony composed by Ludwig van Beethoven interpreted by the orchestra TUCCA Philharmonic – with the conductor João Maurício Galindo. It was the season opener of the Healing Music Series (Série Música pela Cura), an international music festival promoted by TUCCA (an Association for Children and Adolescents with Cancer. It’s a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by doctors, parents of patients and representatives of civil society, with the proposal to increase cure rates and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged youth with cancer).
       By November of this year, TUCCA has already invited highlights of classical music and world jazz to take the stage of one of the world's best concert halls. Among several attractions, some of them have already been confirmed: the first mandolin Grammy nominated, Avi Avital; and the guitarist Milo Karadaglic.
All proceeds from the sale of tickets are for the treatment of patients assisted by the Hospital Santa Marcelina in partnership with the Association. All proceeds from the sale of tickets are for the treatment of patients assisted by the Hospital Santa Marcelina in partnership with the Association.
“The art brings benefits to all parties involved, the partner, the employee and, in particular, to the patient," says the pediatric oncologist Dr. Sydney Epelman, president of TUCCA.
I couldn’t agree more! And I would add it brings benefits to anyone who is lucky enough to attend the concerts. At the end of the night, after the presentation, we went back home with our heart so glad and amazed, exactly how they feel at Christmas!

Post Question: 
-  Do you like classical music? Do you have a favorite composer? Who is he?
- Have you heard the Ninth Symphony completely? How do you feel when you are listening to it?

Tip: To know more about TUCCA and all the Healing Music Series, just click here.

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Anônimo disse...
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Anônimo disse...

I really don´t listen many classical music, but I heard parts of symphonies of Beethoven and Mozart.
I don´t know all the symphonies, however the little I heard I liked, at times the music let us think we're in a movie.
Sumaya 31 1°B

Anônimo disse...

No, I'm not actually a big fan of classical music, neither I know about classical music composers.
I haven't heard the Ninth Symphony completely but I heard most part of it. As a lot of classical music, I have mixed feelings while I listen to it, but the most important feeling is that I feel so good. Some parts I feel happier, like I'm living on a fairy tale, I feel like walking on the Yellow Brick Road, while in other movements I felt more brave, like in a scene of a battle or getting ready to go for a war. I even feel really calm in some movements too, like I have nothing to worry about.

Name: Caroline Yumi Hasheda.
Série: 1° D - n° 7

Anônimo disse...

I don't like classical music I prefer the modern. never heard ninth symphony.
Beatriz Mota 1ano D numero:2

Anônimo disse...

I don't like classical music, however I know some composers of this art: bach, mozart and beethoven. I never heard the ninth symphony of beethoven but I know it is a great example cultural. Thainã souza/ numero: 29 / 1 ano A

Ana Cecilia Kaspar disse...

Yes, I like classical music, my favorite composer is Hans Zimmer,he is german composer, known worldwide for his work with soundtracks of movies.
Have heard the Ninth Symphony,my emotion will the symphony, strong parties give more thriller and gentler parts feel happy.

Fabiana Kaspar 1 ano D, número:8

Anônimo disse...

1-I am not a fan, just know a few excerpts of the most famous songs of certain composers: Antonio Vivaldi (Spring), Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake) and Mozart (Rondon Alla Turca).

2- No, never heard the Ninth Symphony completely.

Gabriel dos Santos Gomes 1º E number: 6

Joana Massi disse...

Joana Massi n*13 1*ano C

1- I don't really enjoy classical music.

2- I have never heard the Ninth Symphony

Anônimo disse...

I do not listen to classical music, at least not every day, but the few times I heard I thought great.
I do not know all the symphonies more in my opinion with any song you feel in a movie.
Lucas 23 1*B

Anônimo disse...

Eu particularmente não ouço música clássica por questão de gosto musical,mas eu ja ouvi um trecho da sinfonia de e achei bem interessante.
Já ouvir falar remotamente da Nona Sinfonia,minha tia gostava muito, ela em quanto era viva gostava muito de música clássica e falava que era a emoção muito boa e pura.
Leonardo Carvalho 1 ano D,número:8

Pamela Atti disse...

Pamela Atti 1°E n°:25
- I don't like classic music and I never heard ninth symphony
Classic music an my opnion is one big culture but I don't like

Anônimo disse...

Yes, I like classical music, my composer fatovrito is Beethoven, never heard of the ninth symphony, I feel very happy.
Giulianna Campos 1-D n- 11 .

Anônimo disse...

No, I don't like it, but I hear some symphonies of Beethoven, as for example the fifth.
No, I've never heard completely, but I've heard some pieces of her, I feel amazed, as if what they were doing was magic

Eduardo Miranda 1ºB Nº07

Anônimo disse...

I never really had listened to classical music , but I had heard some Beethoven snippets ... really it is very beautiful.
My parents have heard the Ninth Symphony and they found very beautiful and they said it was a very good and unique emotion.

Pedro Conti Hernandez 1-D N°28

Filipa Affonso disse...

1- Yes, I love classical music! Since when I was younger, always listened to classical music, depending on my parents and do ballet lessons. I have several favorite composers, but if I were to choose some of them, I would choose Astor Piazzola, argetino composer of tangos wonderful, and Tchaikovsky, composer of works that accompany major ballet repertoires such as Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.
2- I've heard several times the 9th symphony of Beethoven, and whenever I hear, I can not imagine anything other than a classical ballet spectacle with a large corps de ballet. It is a very long and strong music, which I really make my heart race. It's very exciting.

Filipa Affonso 1ºD nº09

Anônimo disse...

No, I don't like Classic music and I don't have a favorita composer.
No , I don't heard the Ninth Symphony.
Pietra Melo Bernardinelli 1A número 26

Anônimo disse...

I don't like classical music, so I'm not a favorite composer...
I've heard the Ninth Symphony, and when I heard, felt great... it brings a lot of calm and lightness to the listener!

Maria Eduarda Goes Sampaio 1°A N°18

Rafaella Assis disse...

I'm not too fan of classical music, do not listen much, only when I see reports or something on the internet, but I think beautiful in every way, the sound pleases me greatly when I hear, but it is not something that is present in my daily life. I've heard some of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, fifteen minutes or so, it is very long, but I realized that the sound will be severe at times, sharp in others, and that's amazing, the way it is played, I feel relaxed to hear, I have a little sleep, but what predominates to hear the Ninth Symphony is relaxation. Rafaella Assis - 1 ano A - número 27 - manhã

Mateus Blanco disse...

Mateus Blanco nº26 1ºC
1- I don't really enjoy classical music.
2- I have never heard the Ninth Symphony

Paula Boza disse...

1- I do not like classical music.
2-I never had occasion to hear whole

Anna Julia Banin Boza - 1°B