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Getting the Message - Reading Tips

Some years ago (when I started studying English...well, maybe a little bit more than just some years ago...I admit), my teacher gave us some tips to help me and all the students to develop our reading practice. My friends and I liked them so much that we decided to make a bookmark (on the left), so everytime we were reading a book, we could remember the tips. They are from Cambridge University Press - that time we used to study with books from this publishing house. And I do think it will be very helpful for all of you too. Our school booklet is based on texts and reading must be a habit if you want to do a good job, not only at school, but also in your life! Think about it!
The tips are:
- Before you start reading, ask yourself what you know about the topic

- Use the title and illustrations to help you predict the content and meanings

- When you read a text which has a lot of new information, SKIM to get the gist and them read it again more slowly

- When you look for a specific piece of information, SCAN. Look for the word by shape, first letter, capital letters.

- If you don't know a word, use clues to help you understand: the kind of word it is, the topic, the ideas you expect.

- TALK to others about what you've read.

 I hope these tips can help you!And just for curiosity...
...what have you been reading lately? ...do you have some other tip you'd like to include here or any other technique that help you to improve your reading? Share it with us! Thanks.

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