quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Flooding in Rio - Help coming across the ocean!

All the country is helping the mountainous region with donations and voluteering work. And help is also coming from out of Brazil: from Fribourg to Nova Friburgo.
Swiss will help in the rescue after a contact with officials in the Swiss town of Fribourg. The mayor of Nova Friburgo formally requested them to send in rescue teams specializing in avalanches. The letter, in French and Portuguese, was sent to the Swiss Body Help Disaster. The mayor had already spoken by telephone with the mayor of the city sister, Pierre Clement. It was agreed to be sent between 15 and 20 professionals with cutting-edge training in rescue and experience in complex missions in the Swiss Alps. The repercussions of the tragedy in the mountainous region of Rio in Europe moved the population of Fribourg, which has cultural agreements with Nova Friburgo. A plane will take off bringing clothes and donations collected by the population of Fribourg.
That's one of many examples of how helpful people can be, doesn't matter the nationality, the distance, the difficult. It's a real brotherhood!
Let's hope it could inspire the authorities to really do what must be done, do their job and maybe such demonstrations of solidarity could keep on being cultural, as it should be.

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