sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

Teacher's Day

Today we are celebrating the Teacher's Day! Although being a teacher is a very known profession, "teaching" is a kind of activity that is done by everybody! Parents teach their children, friends teach and are taught by other friends, elderly people teach the young ones and vice-versa. Learning is a process that is absolutely connected to life itself.
Isn't interesting that some people actually do that for living? It's a great privilege to be able to exchange knowledge with the students and learn a lot from them. I do think that it's one of the most important teacher's features - be aware that we, as a teacher, know a lot but not all - and there will always have "room" for learning more and more. Being a teacher is a process that will not be totally completed because we've been learning, researching, studying...and we will always keep doing that for the sake of our students! That's what make a great teacher - being humble and patient! Pacience is required because the harvest of the fruits of this hard "teaching" work will only be seen years and years later...
For all my friends that work at school with me - HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!

"If you think in terms of a year - plant a seed;
If in terms of ten years - plant a tree;
If in terms of 100 years - teach the people!" - Confucius

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