domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010


Photo by Verginia Veloso
This is one of my favorite celebrations! I was very grateful because I had the chance to go to Dallas in the beggining of this month and what an incredible and nice surprise...places such as restaurants, supermarkets, the hotels, the shops in the mall, even Starbucks... almost everywhere were decorated to celebrate Halloween! The Barnes & Noble bookshop (photo on the left) was really cute! And besides that, the child section had some great bargains! Buying three books about Halloween (some of them were very cheap - about U$3.00)you could get a nice bag to go "trick or treat". I bought the books (for my nieces) and brought the bag full of chocolate and marshmallow (in the ghost shape) to my husband. He loved it! (Of course I suggested it would be a great idea if he could think about sharing all that...with me!). At Starbucks, there were some nice witch-hat-cookies which were beautiful and delicious! Some people may think it was pretty commom, but for me who isn't used to this, I thought it was very creative!
Phot by Verginia Veloso
Good coffee, delicious food and lots of great books... what else would somebody wish? OK, I guess that to be perfect it was only missing my husband keeping me company! It would be heaven to me! Although we don't really celebrate it properly here in Brazil, I do like to get together with my family and watch movies like "Practical Magic" (Da Magia à Sedução)or read books about vampires and witches or comic books like "Penadinho's Gang". Cooking is also a great activity and it really brings family together. We love to drink coffee after meals! So we decided to make a "Witches' Brooms", just to add a little charm to our coffee and I can tell was really good! Not difficult to make. We use some cinnamon sticks to make the broomstick and small cookies that we pressed the dough with fork to resemble bristles of broom. We put the two parts together with hot melted chocolate. As soon as the chocolate gets cooled and firm, we had nice "brooms" to stir our coffee.

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