segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Keep in touch...with the world!

As we could read on the text "Education" - if you have read so far, keep reading! For education! For being well-informed! For keep the connections you have been developing through all these years. For fun! It will help you in your journey through education and care about your education is the best investiment you can do in your whole life.
Thanks to Armando's tip (our Geography teacher), here you have a link with daily newspaper front pages from 77 different countries.

After brownsing these pages, if you get interested in some article, all you have to do is checking the newspaper webpage and enjoy it!
And then, after reading, you can share your opinion with your friends, your family, at school, at home or even here, posting your comments.
And it's the pleasure of reading and all the talks and get-together that it promotes that will keep the world going round!
Read and have fun. It will make a great diference in your life!

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