quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

Let's study! The TEST WEEK is just around the corner!

Tomorrow will start the "TEST WEEK" and it can be a kind of a nerve-racking period if you are not well structured. Like a lot of things in our life, studying requires planning and certain atitudes that should be commom in our day-by-day. The matter is that we've been very busy and these "certain attitudes", (such as, reading good articles, observe around, writing important notes, and so on)become neglected due to all the to-do- things.
You know that we need to be a very organized person, but sometimes we don't know exactly what to do and some help is always welcomed.
The University of Illinois (Chicago)offers some good tips to help students to overcome four causes of poor concentration (external distractions, internal distractions, fatigue, and lack of interest) that can sabotage your studies.
You can read all about it HERE, just click and enjoy! it on:
I personally would add an extra tip: having some good tea while reading...it helps to relax and focus! It really works for me!
And what about you, do you have any tip to share with us and that can help you when you need to study? WRITE IT DOWN!
So, I do hope all of us can have a good period with lots of positive resulsts at the end of it! And believe me, I hope you can enjoy your English test as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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