terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2015

Cinema in 2015

    2015 will be a very exciting year for the movie fans. There will be all kinds of films to please everyone, people from all ages.
Last month we could watch The Theory of Everything (A teoria de tudo), that is the incredible story of Jane and Stephen Hawking. A very nice movie that reminded me of Dilza (she’s the Physics teacher in our school and a huge fan of him). My 12-year-old niece wants me to go to the cinema with her to see Insurgent (it is a 2012 science fiction young adult novel by American novelist Veronica Roth and the second book in the Divergent trilogy) and The Hunger Games – part II. As I went with her to see the first ones, I guess it makes sense. My husband has already chosen Furious 7 (not only by the cars but also due to the “retirement” of Brian O'Connor)  and Jurassic World (a new dinosaur park is always very interesting).  My little niece will have a lot of fun with Hotel Transylvania 2 (there is a game in the tablet which was inspired in the first movie that she really enjoys playing) and Minions (who wouldn’t like them?). In October, to get the Halloween mood, Crimson Peak (with a good cast and a haunted house) is a nice choice. My students have already invited me to go to the premiere of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and of course I said "yes". As we did last year, we will talk about the movie after watching it, in a cafe, and that's a very nice, funny and meaningful moment. I myself am very curious to see Mogli (because I’ve always enjoyed this story), Frankenstein (because it will bring another perspective about the story from the point of view of Victor’s friend, Igor), Star Wars (the premiere will be on my birthday), Cake (because it shows how life can take us to the most unimagined places and actions) and Boyhood (my favorite actor is in it). But besides all that, there will be many good movies to enjoy, to think about and to keep on amazing us!

Post Question: 
- How often do you go to the cinema? Do you enjoy watching movies? What is your favorite kind of movie?
- Is there a movie that you are particularly interested in watch it? Which one? Why?

Tip: To see the trailers of these movies and the other options for 2015, just click here.

11 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Eu vou ao cinema mais ou menos uma vez por mês, eu adoro ir ao cinema principalmente quando vou ver filmes que estava ansiosa para ver, meu tipo favorito de filme é aventura e ficção científica mas o favorito mesmo é aventura.
Eu quero ver vários filmes esse ano, entre eles, a esperança parte 2, minions, vingadores entre outros.
Mariana Corrêa, 19, 1º A

Anônimo disse...

Eu vou pelo menos uma vez ao mês no cinema, e amo ver filmes, acho uma forma divertida de arte; meu gênero favorito de filme é romance e drama.
Sim, há. Não está nessa lista mas é Cinderella, pois eu sempre via quando pequena e a Disney fez com atores mesmo agora, e acho a mensagem por trás do filme muito bonita.
Fernanda Kobari, Nº4, 1ºE

Anônimo disse...

Lately I have not had much time to go to the cinema, but I will whenever I can, about twice a month. I love watching movies and that feeling of getting involved with the story is something that always makes me think after watching a movie. My favorite kinds of movie are drama and adventure. I'm excited to see the theory of everything and insurgent because I read the trilogy and it is amazing.
Vitória Bittencourt Nº31 1ºD

Anônimo disse...

I often go to the cinema at least once a month because I love watching movies especially when I'm with my family and my friends. My favorite kind of movie is without a doubt the drama and romance but I'm also super excited to see Furious 7 and Hotel Transylvania 2 because I watched all the others.
Natalia Rodrigues Motta Nº26 1ºD

Anônimo disse...

I go to cinema almost every weekend movie with my friends, I love watching movies and my favorite is "scootpilgrim against the world", I am now willing to watch "just happens" as relates a story of love and I love romance movies.

Anônimo disse...

Maria Luiza Bueno n*16 2*E

1- Eu sou uma pessoa que ama ver filmes, tenho o netflix e me acabo de filmes quando tenho um tempinho, porém ao cinema eu vou umas duas vezes ao mês. Eu gosto de filme de terror, suspense e também gosto de comédias românticas.

2- Quero muito ver os vingadores, vou amanhã com uns amigos. Gosto muito de super heróis , e nesse filme mostra muitos deles juntos , por isso me interessei.

Joana Massi disse...

Joana Massi n*13 1*C

1- Vou ao cinema quase toda semana,gosto muito de assistir as estreias e meu genero favorito é ação.

2- Eu estou ansiosa para ir a estreia de A Escolha Perfeita 2, que lançará dia 14 de maio, daqui 3 dias. Sou fã do A Escolha Perfeita desde que lançou, e não perco por nada para ver o 2.

Caroline Cruz disse...

-Em torno de 7 vezes ao ano;
-Eu amo assistir filmes,principalmente aos finais de semana;
-Eu gosto muito de comédia romântica e drama.
-cidades de papel;
-Eu estou super interessada em assistir ,pois o livro já é maravilhoso,agora fico imaginando o filme...

Caroline Cruz N°06 1°C

Anônimo disse...

Eu vou para o cinema em torno de 10 vezes por ano , eu amo assistir filmes , não importa se é finais de semana ou não , eu sempre vou , amo comédia, terror, ficção cientifica e drama . Estou interessada em assistir sobrenatural a origem , pois eu já assistir todos antes desse e gostei muito e tenho que continuar para entender .

Mariana Serafim Campacci N°25 1°C

Filipa Affonso disse...

1- The frequency I go to the movies, is not very large. But I watch a lot of movies at home with my mother on weekends. Watch movies for me, is one of the most fun ways to pass the time. Like so much of this world, which is the career I want to follow, being director or movie screenwriter. In the movies we can see whether or not the reality. It's a world where we can watch several stories. I really like drama films that are based on real facts, or movies that are quite fanciful. And I also really like to watch Disney cartoons.
2- I have two movies that I am very anxious time for assitir. One is The Revenant, directed by Inarritu, a great filmmaker, with Leonardo DiCaprio. I was interested in assitir after seeing the trailer. It's a film that involves suspense and drama, based on real events. And the other is 007 Spectre. It's a film that I did not lose for nothing!I watched all the series, and more acrecentarei this in the bookmarks list.

Filipa Affonso 1ºD nº09

Anônimo disse...

Eu vou ao cinema 1 vez por mês ou menos que isso , uma vez por ano mas amo ir no cinema , eu amo assistir filme de comédia , terror e aventura , no momento não saiu nem um filme que eu quero assistir mas eu estou esperando que saia a esperança parte 2.

Luciana Portasio 1°C N°23