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The Blood Moon Eclipse

      What a great event we will be able to see tomorrow! Eclipses have been fascinated people through all the years. Since the moment that human beings looked to sky and observed how beautiful the stars and the heavenly bodies are, their movements have intrigued scientists, astronomers and just curious to learn more about them and to have the opportunity we are going to have now - to see it with naked eyes!
       The name is very suggestive, "Blood Moon", but it's not related to violence or something like that. To understand it better, there is a video here (it's in Portuguese) that explains that the red color is just associated to the very border light that reaches the Moon, due to the shadow of our planet because it will be exactly between the Sun and the Moon.
Elizabeth Weise wrote an interesting article for the USA Today about the eclipse (it's very interesting for us because it can help us with the vocabulary used to talk about an eclipse - pay attentio to it).  According to her, the April 15 eclipse marks the start of a lunar tetrad. That event occurs when there are four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six full moons. Absolutely amazing!
These events together,  called "the lunar tetrad", are also on the same period of some traditional Jewish celebrations. Some people say it is a prophecy that is going to be fulfilled and others say it just an astronomical event. Whatever the meaning of it is, one thing is certain, celestial phenomena will continue to enchant humans because they are a very beautiful, magical and mysterious spectacle that nature is offering to us.
Let's enjoy it...while we can!
Post Question: Have you ever seen an eclipse? When and where? Are you going to see any of the Blood Moon Tetrad eclipses? Do you believe that the Blood Moon Tetrad has any special meaning? What does it means to you?

Tip: To read the complete article written by Elizabeth Weise, just click here. There is an interesting video about the eclipse and she mentioned the prophecy, as well.

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