segunda-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2014

Parent and Teacher Conference

          This post is to thank all the parents that attended the first Parent and Teacher Conference on January 25.
          Although it was on a Saturday morning and we know how the weekend is very special to rest, mainly after a working week, this meeting is a very important moment because it will introduce the school and teacher’s methodology to new parents and explain the changes or some new topic for the ones who have already been with us.
          My students will start the high school period, so it is a great opportunity for parents to meet the new teachers and ask questions about this new phase in their children’s life. Questions like:
      -        What skills and knowledge will the students be expected to master this year?
      -        Are there challenging academic standards and how the students will be informed about the academic standards they are expected to meet?
      -        What kinds of projects and assignments have we planned that will help the students meet higher academic standards?
      -        How will the students be evaluated? How are grades determined in our classroom?
      -        Are summer school, tutoring, or other programs available for students who need more help?
And a very important contribution:
      -        What can parents do to stay more involved in their child's academic progress?
Educate a child, a teenager or an adult is a great responsibility, which must be divided by everyone involved in this process. When the work can be done together, it is easy to achieve the desired results and even go further!
Thank you very much for attending the conference and count on us! 2014 will be a very promising year!
PS.: If any parent couldn’t attend the meeting scheduled by the school, don’t worry. Set up an appointment and I’ll be glad to talk to you! See you!

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