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Exhibition: "Vatican Splendors - a Journey Through Faith and Art"

           Since last year (September 21st), São Paulo has received one of the most beautiful exhibition from its history. In Ibirapuera Park, the exhibition Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art,  features the first time to Brazil, presents 200 works of religious art and historical objects. Many of them have never left the seat of the Catholic Church and often are not exposed to the public who visit the city-state. Additionally, visitors can take a virtual tour of the famous Chapel of Michelangelo and touch a bronze cast of the hand of John Paul II.  The high-school students were invited to visit the exhibition with some of their teachers and a monitor, who was very helpful to conduct all of us through the collections organized in 11 galleries, where the artworks are exhibited in chronological order.
3ºD students and the English teacher, Kátia Veloso,
from Eduardo Gomes School
             Public schools were dispensed of the entrance fee and and as the exhibition has been extended until the end of this month, there is a discount in ticket prices. And there is another aspect very curious about our visit: today begins the council that will elect the new pope! We are being part of the History while it's happening now, in front of us! 
        Regardless the student's religion, the visit was proposed  by the english, history, art and literature teachers to show them the connection between these study areas and its influence through the years. It was very curious to see some students identifying elements of other religions in the artworks. And as the representative the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo, Father Juarez de Castro said during the press conference: ""It is important to remember that the Church has always promoted, protected and preserved the art. It's important to remember that God is expressed through the beautiful." And that's true.
3ºD students and the History teacher, Renato Ribeiro,
 from Eduardo Gomes School
          Most of these artworks are here today because through the centuries and after all the wars, invasions and conflicts, they were kept safely by the institution that have withstood all of them.
The effort was worthwhiling! There are so many beautiful objetcs that is almost impossible to choose just one favorite.  The literature teacher, Ingrid Galleazzo, caught my attention to the artwork of Albert Lacombe (1827-1916) entitled Cree Catechism. It shows the two paths, the good and the bad one, starting with the creation of the world by God and the seven days of the week, going all the way up to the Final Judgement. I also got enchanted by the Daniel Seghers work: The vision of St. Philip Neri.  The colors were so vivid that the flowers could almost pop up out of the picture. The last gallery and one of the most important, is dedicated to Pope John Paul II (1978 - 2005), who once said that if people can´'t go to the Vatican, the vatican must go where people are. His wish was fufilled.

Post Question: Have you visited this exhibition? What did you like most about it? Is there anything you didn't like? Why? Could you give any suggestion to make our school tour?
What other exhibiton would you like to see in our city? (it can be one which has being held or one that it isn't created yet but, in your opinio, should be interesting.)

Tip: To get more information about this incredible exhibition, go to its oficial webpage, Just click here.

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