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Moodle stands for:


               It's a free software created in 2001 by Martin Dougiamas, an Australian educator and a computer scientist, whose research for a master's degree and Ph.D led him to develop the set of online tools that would become Moodle. This new concept is a system of administration of educational activities, enabling the creation of virtual environments, where teachers and students can interact to each other and to other students in online communities. Developing the collaborative learning, it allows and motivate, in a very simple way, a student or a teacher integrate, studying or teaching in an online course. I can say it's motivating because we used this virtual enviroment during the classes, last year, with students from the 1st grade of our high school level, and we had a positive result. It was so positive that even after the end of our classes, teacher and students kept on meeting and exchange activities, opinons and ideas during the vacation period. 
              I know it can sound a little bit strange, but it really happens. Students  uploaded
their homework, posted the photo of their pets, suggested places to other students go, commented about the end of the world and they even created a campaing entitled "Fica Rafinha" (Stays at school Rafael), because Rafael, one of the students from 1ºE said that his father would change him from school because it's too far from his house. (Indeed, it's really too far!) But apparently the campaign got good results...Rafael is still here, studying with us and using our moodle again! This is the front page of our class-vacation course. (It was programmed to end on December 7th, but it was extended uo to February 18th.
               In coloquial language, the verb "moodle" in English describes the process of browsing for something unpretentious, while other things are done at the same time. We really could certify this definition because it was exactly the feeling that we had...students were browsing on Internet, completed their moodle task while they were doing other for example...being on vacation! After all, you can be on vacation, but education does not take vacations. It was a very grateful experience! Thanks to all of you! 

Post Question: Do you know the Moodle environment? Have you ever used it? If yes, describe your opinion about it. What topics or subjects would like to study in our Moodle?

Tip: To have access to our school Moodle, go to this link (just click here) and have fun! You will need your own login and password. If you have any doubt or problem to start your moodle experience, go to the school  computer lab and talk to Marisa.

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