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Mediocrity - a lecture by Mario Sergio Cortella

      According to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Encyclopedic Dictionary (p. 559, 1992):
- mediocre: /adj./ not very good, second-rate. 
- mediocrity: me·di·oc·ri·ty  noun pl. me·di·oc·ri·ties
1. [U] quality of being mediocre    
2. [C] person eho is mediocre in ability, personal qualities, etc. ex. a government of mediocrities
      The school is sponsoring a series of lectures to promote not only a reflection on the topics presented, but also for the integration of the students' families and the school itself. The professor and philosopher Mario Sergio Cortella was one of the guest speakers of this lecture series and he spoke about "Educação e gestão do conhecimento - um desafio urgente" (Education and knowledge management - an urgent challenge). 
         I was very happy to have attended the lecture because what was said by Professor Cortella is exactly what I had said to the students at the beginning of this semester. He said that we should always do our work, whatever it is, with great passion, zeal and care. We must do the best we can, always. It doesn't matter if it's a household chore, a noodle dish with a leaf of basil for garnish (example that was made by his mother) or the homework. The best should be done, in any situation!
         People, who are not used to do their best, are usually doing the tasks just for the sake of having they done, nothing else. And doing it, they are not feeling completely satisfied because their work is not being appreciated, they are not inspiring others to do their best and the worst, they are not even being a good example for their family and friends. They are being mediocre, they are just acting like the average. Don't let that your attitudes make you trapped in mediocrity. People who do their best, sooner or later, are always rewarded for their efforts. And remember, worry about doing your best because you are your greatest adversary! If there is competition, it is you against yourself! Right now, the world needs people who care about doing their better to improve the quality of living of the whole planet.

Post Question: What activity are you really good at? What topics would you like to have a lecture about? Is there someone you would like to invite to be a guest speaker in our lecture series? Did you attend the Cortella's lecture? What did you like most in the lecture? 

Tip: Read the Donald Latumahina's blog, from Indonesia. He wrote the post "Avoiding Mediocrity: Do You Dare to Be Different?" with five questions to help you to check if you are trapped in mediocrity or if you excel for excellence.

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