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Celebrating LOVE in Britain!

Today, June 12th, is "Dia dos Namorados" (Valentine's Day) in Brazil. Couples usually go out to have a candle-light dinner and exchange presents, which can be whatever you imagine, from simple things, such as red roses, box of chocolate to sophisticated ones, such as, a classic perfume, gemstones earrings or diamond heart jewelry. The date is also connected to St. Anthony, whose celebration is June 13th, who is also considered the patron of people who want to get married. In Britain, people celebrate love in February and it’s the time of the year when couples show their love for each other by sending cards (mainly), flowers and chocolates. Saint Valentine is the patron of people who want to get together (married or not). Sending cards is such a great tradition among British that Christie's, the world-famous auction house, have already held an annual sale of historic Valentine cards. Since most of the cards, which date from the early nineteenth century, have had a reasonably priced, it has always been an excellent opportunity to find a truly unique gift for a Valentine (boyfriend or girlfriend).
Besides all that, girls usually dream about their "prince charming" and how romantic their lives can be. It happens because these romantic girls, although know it's a dream, they do believe that this dream can be true...because it's true in Britain. This magic love aura is also part of Britain history. a king who abdicated the throne for love (Edward and Wallis, one of the most beautiful love story I've read about), an ordinary girl who became the people's princess (Lady Di) and more recently, a common girl who became Duchess (Kate and William). They (Diana and Kate) really got married to a prince and while it happens in Britain and in other countries around the world, it will keep on nourishing this dream alive and inspiring people everywhere.
Post Question: And what about you, do you enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day. Do you prefer the British or the Brazilian way to celebrate it?
What are the most important characteristics you would like to find in your "prince charming" or your "princess"?

Tip: If you want to send a very nice virtual card to your Valentine, try to use the Build-a-Card Cupid Edition App. It's free to download and you can use your imagination to create a very beautiful and romantic card. And may love follow you wherever you go! Happy "Dia dos Namorados"!

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