sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

Happy New Year!

It was a very blessed year: I could meet new friends (around the globo), visit Santa Claus in Finland, study Aromatherapy together with my beloved friends in Texas, have coffee at Starbucks with very special people, buy a new car, get an Ipad, spend quality time with my nieces, consolidate old friendships (that was very, very important), run with my husband, play with Kika, be proud of some students, be hopeful about others, pray for all of them, drink and eat new flavours, read some books and guess what...I could finally give Elaine the photos she asked me about her grandmother!
Of course there were somethings that went wrong, but who are counting?
For 2011 the plans are getting more and more experiences to make life really meaningful.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYBODY! 2011 FULL OF HEALTH AND FRIENDS! (if you have that, all the rest come easily!)
See you in 2011...

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